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Artificial Pop Up Corn Maize CI1009

  • Artificial Pop Up Corn Maize
  • Artificial Pop Up Corn Maize
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Artificial Pop Up Corn for Carp Fishing

One of the most important product in Beyond Fish Carp Bait Range

A must have tackle to make Hair Rig. Can be used in different Bait Rig. This corn is with a slot for the Hair Stops

An artificial Bait lasts longer than the real bait in the water. It is ideal to use this Artidical Corn together with the the real corn

Available in Yellow, Green, Black, white, green, orange and black

Soft Non Toxic Material


Packing: Retail Bliaster Pack with card ( 10 pcs ) or Bulk Pack ( 1000 pcs )


Artificial corn is versatile and can be incorporated into various carp fishing rigs to enhance their effectiveness. Here are some popular rigs that are often used with artificial corn:

Pop-Up Rig: Artificial corn is commonly used to create buoyant, pop-up presentations. By attaching one or more pieces of floating artificial corn to the hair of the rig, the bait can be made to float just above the lakebed. This is effective in waters with a lot of silt or weed, as it keeps the hook bait visible and away from debris.
Snowman Rig: This rig involves using a boilie paired with a piece of buoyant artificial corn on the hair. The corn acts as a buoyancy aid, lifting the heavier boilie slightly off the bottom, creating a tempting, slow-sinking presentation that's attractive to cautious carp.
Chod Rig: Artificial corn can be added to a chod rig to improve visibility and buoyancy. The chod rig is designed to present the bait above the lakebed over weedy or silt-laden areas, and adding a piece of artificial corn can make the bait stand out more while maintaining its effective positioning.
Zig Rig: In a zig rig, which is used to target carp in mid-water layers, artificial corn can be used as the hook bait or as an addition to a foam or pop-up boilie. The buoyancy and bright color of artificial corn make it an excellent choice for attracting carp in deeper water.
Balanced Rig: Artificial corn can be used to perfectly balance the weight of the hook, creating a critically balanced setup that allows the bait to behave more like free-floating food. This is particularly effective in tricky conditions where carp are wary of obviously weighted baits.
Method Feeder Rig: When using a method feeder, anglers often top the feeder mix with a piece of artificial corn. This provides a visual attractant at the top of the feeder, making the bait more noticeable once the ground bait dissolves away.
Stalking Rig: When fishing in clear water where stealth is crucial, a simple hook with a piece of artificial corn can be very effective. Its minimal disturbance and visible presentation make it ideal for stalking carp close to the banks.
These rigs utilize the benefits of artificial corn—such as its buoyancy, visibility, and durability—to increase the effectiveness of the bait presentation, enhancing the chances of catching wary or large carp.


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