PIPE Installation Considerations




proximity to flame/external heat sources

The BUSH PEX Plumbing System should not be installed in positions where it is likely to be exposed to a naked lame. If it is, there is a danger the pipe could ignite and continue to burn even after the source of the flame is extinguished. In accordance with AS/NZS 3500 all plastic pipes for water supply must be protected from excessive ambient heat.


Thermal expansion

The BUSH PE-X pipe has an expansion rate of approx. 0.3mm per meter for every 10°C change in temperature. Care should be taken not to pull the pipe tightly between fixed points during installation as this may later contract and apply excessive tensile force to any joints. This could cause a possible joint failure.


Temperature & pressure performance

As with all plastic pipe systems the ability of the pipe to withstand pressure decreases as the pipe temperature increases.


Protection from physical damage

Due care should be taken to protect pipe and fittings from any physical damage both prior to, during and after installation. Possible causes of physical damage may include (but are not limited to) sharp edges/implements, machinery, rodents, excessive heat, long term UV exposure, radiation and/or mechanical forces.


Pipe Bending

BUSH PE-X Pipe is very flexible and as such can save the need to use additional fittings. Due care should be taken during bending to ensure that pipe is not kinked or damaged. If you do encounter a kinked section of pipe it should be cut out and replaced as a precaution.

BUSH PE-X pipe may be subjected to a minimum bending radius of approx. 10 times the OD of the pipe.



Clipping requirements are outlined in the relevant Australian standards. The recommended clip spacings for BUSH PE-X Pipe are:






Size Pipe Work

Size Pipe Work Pipe Work

















Framework penetrations

Where pipe is required to pass through timber or steel studs/frames, holes should be sized to allow for adequate pipe movement due to thermal expansion or contraction. In all cases, steps should be taken to protect the pipe from any possible physical damage (particularly due to abrasion) where it passes through studs or frames. This can be achieved by installing grommets, sleeves or stud clips as applicable.


UV exposure

Both BUSH PE-X black and BUSH PE-X green pipes are not to be installed in direct sunlight.  BUSH PE-X lilac should be protected from long term exposure to UV by way of either lagging or enclosing in a conduit.

Note: The above does not completely exclude the Technical Information need for lagging to protect any of the pipes from temperature extremes.

It is essential that appropriate pressure testing (in accordance with AS/NZS 3500 or relevant local requirements) is carried out prior to burying or concealing the BUSH PEX system.


Can BUSH PE-X pipe be used under the slab?

Yes. The flexibility of BUSH PE-X pipe allows it to be supplied in coils meaning installations under the slab can be made in a single, continuous length without the need for fittings. BUSH PE-X pipe is not affected by concrete, (it is commonly encased in concrete for radiant floor heating). BUSH PE-X pipe, however, must be sleeved when penetrating a slab. When BUSH PE-X pipe is used under a slab,

BUSH Corrugated Sleeve conduit must be used.


Can BUSH pE-X pipe be used for underground cold-water service applications?

Yes. Although the high temperature resistance of BUSH PE-X pipe makes it particularly suitable for hot and cold interior plumbing applications, it also makes an excellent underground water service piping.


Can I braze adaptors after the BUSH PE-X pipe has been fitted?

No, all brazing or soldering must be performed on the fittings prior to the BUSH PE-X pipe being connected. Sufficient time should be allowed for the fitting to cool prior to attaching the BUSH PE-X pipe.


Is the BUSH PEX system approved?

Yes, the BUSH PEX system is approved under the following AS/NZS standards. Fittings–AS/NZS 2537 and Pipe–AS/NZS 2492.


Can I use BUSH PE-X pipe to connect solar panels to the storage tank?

No, the Australian Standards do not allow PE-X pipe to be used on the low or return lines between solar panels and solar storage vessels.


pressure test

At completion, carry out pressure testing as required per AS/NZS 3500 and or any requirements specified by local authorities.