PULL -ON Jointing & Troubleshooting Guide

Cut the pipe to be joined cleanly and squarely using BUSH PE-X Pipe Cutters.
Slip the jointing sleeve over the end of the pipe with the beveled end of the sleeve facing outwards and the grooved end of the sleeve at the furthest point from the end of pipe.

Expand the pipe using the BUSH Expanding Tool making sure the jointing sleeve is well away from the area of pipe to be expanded. Expand the pipe twice to make a good expansion of the pipe end.

Insert the fi tting into the expanded end of the pipe until the fi tting reaches the pipe stop.
Slide the jointing sleeve towards the fi tting. Position the jointing sleeve and the fi tting squarely within the jaws of the BUSH Compression Tool.

Draw the sleeve towards the fi tting by closing the jaws of the Compression Tool until the sleevereaches the shoulder of the fi tting.


Inspect the joint to ensure the sleeves are drawn all the way to the fitting shoulder and the beveledend of the sleeves is towards the fi tting.

Pressure test the line as per Plumbing Regulations.