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Wireless Bite Alarms-CE Certificate 6524-A

  • Wireless Bite Alarms-CE Certificate
  • Wireless Bite Alarms-CE Certificate
Item Code:6524-A Features:
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Wireless Bite Alarms-CE Certificate
Wireless Bite Alarm Set / 4 PC + Receiver / Carp Fishing Tackle
Our bite alarms are CE certifid
4 bite alarms with 1 Receiver / Sounder 
The alarm is in different frequency, so there is no interference for different alarms
Volume and tune modulation
Sensitivity modulation
Wireless operation distance about from 120 meter to 140 meter 
Fully Water proof
Bright LED light indicators
Night lights. Alarms are equipped with light sensors. When it gets dark, the night lights will be on automatically
Drop back indication. When fish bites, red LED is on. When drop back, green LED is on.
Jack plug for illuminated swingers
Low power warning
Alarms are packed in a protective case
Alarm runs on 1 X 12 V battery
CE Approved
Receiver is coloured coded ( red, blue, orange and green)
Receiver has vibration alert option
Receiver uses 1 X 9V battery 
CE certificate

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