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Lure Fishing in Europe is Growing


UK is probably is only country where lure fishing does not dominate. But lure fishing has been growing and becoming much more important in the last 10 years. When people look at a fishing tackle retail store, they can find the lure shelf is much bigger than 10 years ago. It is due to more frequent angling and cultural exchanges with European continent. Also the new immigrants from eastern Europe also had also contribute to this fact.


Another reason is that it is easy for a retailer to start up with little money. On the contrary, if they start their business with fly fishing or carp fishing, that will cost even more than 150,000 dollors to make the shelves full. So, many new retailers start their business with lures and it is even their “ hobby” after job to make some easy pocket money.


Eastern Europe

Sure, the lure fishing is also growing very rapidly in Eastern Europe. People are getting richer and the demand for more complicated fishing is high. Also, people have more time in the weekend and vacation for leisure fishing. Actually, the eastern European market itself is also changing: in some countries, the anglers tended to use high end made tackles. However, there is still a need for low price with medium quality.


Which lure is the most popular in Europe

It is very difficult to answer this question, because one lure which works good in the UK, but does NOT appeal to the Eastern European anglers. Anglers in different area prefer to use different lures, for example, people like to use large jigs in Scandinavia and soft plastics are very welcomed in predator fishing.


But one thing is sure: floating lure sells much better than the sinking, because the high chances of losing a lure push many realistic anglers away.