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US Anglers Ready to Buy Local Made Tackle

Ever since 2008, all industries around the world are facing the problem of economic recession and fishing tackle industry is not an exception. It is a difficult time for many companies in fishing tackle industry. But American fishing tackle industry might lead us through out the trouble


A report released by ASA had showed that fishing gears sale and registered anglers number were going up. And there is strong believe that the US fishing tackle was going up and will lead to 2% increase this year. The data showed that this increase is a long term trend and it is the same as how many US fishing tackle manufacturers feel, as many of tackle manufacturers witness a growth of their sale even it is a small growth for some of them. But it is a delight surprise, because they did not fight against each other but against the market shrinking in the last 20 years. It is very good to see the market is growing.


The US fishing gear companies think that the economic recession might be good for the recreational industry, because there is a new theory: the more people lost their jobs, the more people can go fishing. The economic slow recovery offers a good opportunity for people to try fishing who do seldom have time in their normal life.


As we all know, the fishing tackle production had been shifted to far east for cost down purpose. A good sign for economy getting better is that US anglers ready to buy US made tackles. A poll recently showed that US angler realize it is important for them to support their local made tackles, but it depends on how much expensive they are compared to the China made tackles. They agree that the US made fishing tackle have higher quality than tackles made in other countries and would prefer to buy US made tackles. But if the US made tackles are 20% higher than tackles made in other countries, they need to rethink about the purchase.