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2012 CGC Show – The Rise of Chinese Fishing Tackle Industry

2012 CFC Fishing Tackle Show was held in the center of China’s Fishing Tackle Base-Wei Hai from 10th to 13th Oct 2012. 25% more Exhibitors and 80% more visitors came to the show. 5 Years after its foundation, CGC Fishing Tackle Show had became one of the biggest fishing tackle show in China. Though the number of international visitors decreased from 499 to 381, there is a big increase of local buyer from 1240 to 1590. The number of local exhibitors also increased from 400 to 538. The show covered all need of fishing activity. And the show is comprehensive, catering both the professional buyers and local anglers. There are very extensive halls for fishing tackle manufacturer exhibitors and also small stands for local fishing shops.


The Customs Official had revealed that China is exporting less fishing tackle compared to the last year, but the total value is on the increase. That means the unit price is increasing thanks to many manufacturers are paying much more attention to the quality. And more and more international buyers are purchasing high-end fishing tackles from China. And it is believed that it is also the trend in the future.


At the same time, many companies are working hard to building their own brands and influence who used to provide OEM service for big names from Europe and America.


The local fishing tackle demand is also increasing. It attracted some big companies from the west to come to Chinese market. A good example is Eagle Claw and American Tackle. A total of 6 overseas fishing tackles companies were exhibited in CGC 2012