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New Growth Point of Fishing Tackle Trade- Tackles for Women

The RBFF (Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation) had reported that the Female anglers are playing an increasingly important role in fishing. Fishing is still one of the most popular hobby for weekends and holidays in North America. And the population of registered fishing anglers was going up steadily. According to the report, there are 800,000 new registered fishermen in year 2012. Among them, the biggest contribution was made by female and young Anglers. There seems to be changes on this male-dominated sports.


The avid fishermen must have already noticed that there are more women fishing than ever before. In every fishery and lake, anglers can see women participants quite often. They noticed a huge increase of female anglers


Not just female anglers, there are also more and more women in fishing service provider ( like fishing guide ) and fishing tackle companies and especially in the management. And they will have bigger influence on the tackle design trend.


The same thing is not just happening in North America, it is also happening in Europe and Far East.


For the fishing tackle industry, it is the new development point in this economic recession, because new 
female anglers will inject new vitality to the fishing tackle trade. And there will be more tackles 
designed for women anglers. Ever since several years ago, people can already see some tackle 
manufacturers also have fishing rods, reels and clothes specially designed and made for women anglers. 
The need to make tackles lighter, easier to use and good looking is very strong. It is believed that 
there will be more and more tackles just designed for women anglers