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Walmart’s Plan on Fishing Tackles

In year 2010, Walmart had reduced their product assortment by 2.1% to 25.9% and fishing tackles are in it. But the market feedback is not good. Apparently the customers want to do one stop shopping wherever possible. Of cause, Wallmart is their first choice. Customer’s want to buy fishing tackles together with their groceris.


The world wide biggest retail giant has a very ambitious plan for fishing tackle in year of 2013.

End 2012, Walmart is adding thousands of fishing tackles in to their sports & fishing range from many big names in fishing tackle industry: Daiwa, Pure Fishing, Fox, Shimano, etc . They will give 7 straight quarters in the store. It is not sure which products will be added and where the products will be made. But one thing is sure: more and more fishing tackles will be back to the shelf with a tag “ We Are Back”.


This step is a big improvement of their current fishing tackle range. The more products they have, the longer time the customers will stay in Malmart and of cause the more money the customers will spend.


It seems to be a good news for the anglers. The slogan of Walmart is “ Cheap Everyday”, their price is unbeatable. So, it is possible for anglers to buy their tackles at a much affordable price.


We will continue report in year 2013