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Direct Selling Trend in Fishing Tackle Trade

No one can deny the trend of direct-selling on the internet. Online B2C direct selling is becoming more and more popular and the market share is getting bigger and bigger. According some authentic statistics, the online direct selling is going to take more than 50% market share in the year of 2020. So, what will happen in fishing tackle trade?


Now, most of fishing tackle manufacturers do not sell directly to the general public. They only deal with wholesalers and retailers. If the end users want to buy, they have to locate the nearest retailers firstly on their website and then contact them for price. The advantage of this selling model is the manufacturer can sell maximum products through their distribution network. But the dealers are sucking a big part of profit.


The new trend is fishing tackle manufacturers will sell directly to the general public. It is win-win for both fishing tackle manufacturers and anglers, because sellers can make more profit and end users can save money. What’s more fishing tackle manufacturers can have more and direct feedback from the anglers which is very good for their new product development.


It seems to be good for everyone but the fishing tackle dealers. If fishing tackle manufacturers sell directly on the internet, it could be a nightmare for the fishing tackle wholesalers and retailers, as their customers could buy directly from the fishing tackle manufacturers. Many dealers would say no to this action by the manufacturers and threaten that they will stop selling their products if the manufacturers do this. And it is the main reason why most fishing tackle manufacturers sell their products in the conventional way.


So, the key to successful implement of on line direct sell for the fishing tackle manufacturers to protect the interest of the existing dealers when they are trying direct selling on the internet. First of all, they can not sell at very low price on the interest. Secondly, they need to give the dealers better price and more comfortable quantity to start. It could be win-win for 3 parties only in this way.