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Fail to Ban Lead Fishing Tackle in the Netherlands

Lead itself is toxic, with the accumulation in the body, it can do harm to human body and wildlife. So, many countries had banned the lead related fishing tackle.


Recently, the authority in the Netherlands had called off imposing a ban on lead related fishing tackle. Though implying that they will finish it near future, a ban has been lifted by the concerned authority due to the fact that there are too less alternatives or they are too expensive.


The authority had been working on it for nearly 1 year and would like to join other European countries to ban the lead related fishing tackle. The alternative of lead is Tungsten Fishing Weights, Bismuth Shot and Brass Fishing Weights. They are either too less nor too expensive. So it is no surprise that the ban is not successful.


There are several problems before banning the lead related fishing tackles;

1, Help and encourage the manufacturers to make lead free fishing tackles.

2, Make sure there are enough manufacturers who can supplier non lead fishing tackle at reasonable price before banning lead tackle

3, Make sure there are sufficient people to monitor if the anglers are using lead fishing tackle