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Hardy & Greys is being Sold

The British Fishing Tackle Giant has been put up for sale after owned by Harris & Sheldon Group for 45 years.


With the increased labour cost, many UK manufacturing business were shifted to Far East or South East, only design and sale jobs remained at the UK. There are actually not many fishing tackle manufacturers in the UK and Hardy & Grey is one of them. Actually, Hardy & Grey is rod is the only rod which is still made in the Great Britain. Now its owner Harris & Sheldon was trying to get rid of manufacturing business. They explained that they will invest in the general public


The Hardy & Grey has struggled with the economic recession in the UK in the last 5 years. Though they made a turnover of more than GBP 12.90 Million and sold 85,000 rods, Hard & Greys still made a loss of GBP 446,000 in year of 2010. And that is why Harris & Sheldon Group want to sell Hardy & Grey.


The next question is who is the buyer? Ken Brewster, the commercial director of Hardy & Greys said they haven’t received a quote yet. Our new business in Germany and the United States is expanding very well and I think the company will sell a good price. So we will wait and see.


And what will happen to Hardy & Greys? Many people are worried if the new owner will move the manufacturing process out of the UK? We don’t know yet. Many Chinese companies are eager to enter the European Market and it is probably the best chance for them to break into the European Market.