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New Teflon Carp Hooks hit European Market

Year of 2012 has been huge for Beyond Fish. After 6 month’s efforts on designing, manufacturing and testing, the new Teflon carp hooks make their first debut early Nov 2012. Before the Teflon Carp Hooks, beads and boilie stops are also successful in its carp fishing tackle range.


On the initial stage, Beyond Fish will only add 2 models: Classic Boilie Hook and Gripper style carp hook. These 2 models are the most popular models in Europe. The carpers in the UK have the tradition to use boilie and also the live bait such as live maggot or sweet corn. The boilie Hook is probably the most popular carp hook.


Nearly all Teflon Hooks in European Market are made in Japan, So Beyond Fish regards it as a great opportunity to hit the European Market with its new Teflon Carp Hooks. Now many Customers in the UK, France and Germany had showed great interest in our Teflon Carp Hooks so far. And one order has been already place which will be shipped end Nov 2012.