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AMIGO Braid-“The Thinnest Braid but Strongest One”

This catch phrase will represent one of the many specialities of Delux’s premium braid line of “ Amigo” brand. Amigo’s 0.06mm braid produces over 6lb test, which will be the top of all braided line brands in the market.


High strength rate versus diameter is not the single feature of Amigo braid. If you ask us to say only one speciality of Amigo braid, we can say it is braided with “pre-dyed” UHMWPE fiber. This pre-dyed PE fiber has created a braid of never-colour-fading.


Most braided lines in the market are coloured by coating process, in which the coating materials are applied on the surface of the braid together with colouring agent. Those coated braids are easily come-off, faded out or abraised out after several fishing operation. But, Delux’s pre-dyed PE braid enable the line to keep the colour unchanged permanently


As another speciality of Delux’s Amigo braid, you can’t miss the full roundness and slippery/smooth characteristics of the line. Braided 8 ply with thin fiber, say 20 deniers, you can get already complete roundness. Moreover, Delux’s special coating technology on the pre-dyed fiber makes the round braid very smooth and slippery.