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Carp Fishing Growth Trend

As a traditional way of entertainment , fishing is very popular in European countries.

Every year, lots of local and foreign fishing enthusiasts are attracted to be here.

Obviously, fishing business has been formed maturely in European market for many years.

However, most of people think there is no market for carp fishing in some other countries

and regions, due to it is an invasive species. Just the opposite, carp fishing sport has the potential to become a very worthwhile worldwide market with correct direction and actions.


Such as Australia, carp fishing become generaliable in this countries is attributed to lots of international tourists come from Europe and Asia who like carp fishing, it is really a big surprise to these can be freely chosen by anglers in here. In fact, today carp is not often labelled as an invasive species in Australia. Angler can fish carp in coastal side of the Great Dividing Range. Usually carp weight fished here can be around 10kg.  the truth is so many people recognize that carp are fun to catch is fine.


However, most of Australian haven’t realized that carp sportfishing hides the limitless business opportunity and enormous market chance. Some big brands and suppliers has noticed the growth trend in demand of carp fishing.   Some of them has started to do relevant research on it. They believe carp fishing has great potential to bring more European and Asian visiting anglers to Australia and U.S.A. The most important thing is do not forget the different cultures and trend which come from different countries, then you will get more business.