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Fishing in Hungary

                                                                    Fishing in Hungary

As a traditional way of entertainment , fishing is very popular in European countries,

Especially for Hungary, an inland state, is well- known for a large number of freshwater lakes and rivers which has plenty of fishes survives, such as carp and bream.  The whole area of lakes and rivers in Hungary is about 130,000 hectares, total catch is approximately 5000 tons annually.


Every year, lots of local and foreign fishing enthusiasts are attracted to be here.

Obviously, fishing business has been formed maturely here for many years.


   However, Hunting is also another good choice. Adequate and different animal resources mean you could always enjoy your time here.  it will bring the feeling of exciting and interesting. This is why hunting game cost is high.


                                                             Hungarian Fishing Regulations

  Regarding fishing in Hungary , unless you have own a private lake here, people are not permitted to fish without related fishing licenses,  this regulation is applied to Hungarians and foreigners.

So, everyone who want to fish here must pay attention to the following points:


  1. You need to own state license and local license.
  2. A state license obtained in another country is also available in Hungary.
  3. If you have no local license, just buy it from local shop nearby the small or large lakes.
  4. If you don’t have either of them,  the only way is to join a local fishing club which will be introduced by Fishing Association. Only 10 to 15 euro need to be paid annually.


There are also some other rules for anglers in Hungary as below:


  1. Adults, age is 18 years old or above, is allowed to use at most two rods and three hooks.
  2. Juniors, between 14 and 17, only one rod permitted, but still three hooks.
  3. Children, who’s from 1 to 13, with one rod and one hook only.